u NL19-1697678

Winnend bod: 410,00

Hoogste bod: jaro

Kweker: TIM HAGE

NL19-1697678 ** INTEELT KOUTERS DUIVIN ** descendants of the KOUTERS DUIVIN win 4x NATIONAL !!!


Item condition: Nieuw







BRUNELLO is 1 Nat Acepigeon Agen ZLU 3 yrs and 1 Nat Acepigeon Agen ZLU 4 yrs!!!

He wins:

10 Nat Agen ZLU

12 Nat Agen ZLU

13 Nat Agen ZLU

53 Nat Narbonne ZLU

121 Nat Marseille ZLU

172 Nat Marseille ZLU

348 Nat Agen ZLU

Are there any better ZLU pigeons for the 1000-1100km races in Holland??


BRUNELLO is a grandson to the famous foundation hen KOUTERS DUIVIN. Countless super pigeons come from this super hen!! The KOUTERS DUIVIN is THE foundation of the loft Tim Hage.

BRUNELLO is paired to SUR PRICE, a full sister to the 1st National Cahors Morning release, TIM from Combinatie Baas & Berg!! She is also a granddaughter to the KOUTERS DUIVIN !!

The topbreeder SCHALLIE X KOUTERS DUIVIN is the (gr)father to 4x NATIONAL WINNERS!!! :

TINKER BELL, 1. Nat Cahors at Tim Hage!

TIM, 1.Nat Cahors (morning release) at Familie Toom!

MISS RIO, 1.Nat Agen ZLU S2 (morning release) at Tim Hage!

TIM, 1.Nat Cahors (morning release) at Combinatie Baas-Berg!




Dam: ** DOCHTER BLAUWE 008 **

DOCHTER BLAUWE 008 was the 1st yearling at Agen in 2015 and directly placed in the breedingloft in ’16.

She comes out of topbreeder BLAUWE 008 x MOEDER THE POWER.

THE POWER is winner of:

1 Cahors 227

6 Bordeaux 192

7 Cahors 215

Best national yearling…!

55 National Marseille



DE BLAUWE 008, 1. Acepigeon young birds, 1. Acepigeon Long distance, is the father to many good pigeons like the 308 and BRUCE.

BRUCE was a super flyer, he wins a.o. 1st Bourges in the Region Zuid-Holland Oost with headwind and played on eggs.

BRUCE is the father to a.o. : TIM, from the familie Toom, winner of 1. National Cahors S2 with morning release in 2015.







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