m NL19-1185114

Winnend bod: 280,00

Hoogste bod: Amy

Kweker: Comb. R. & S. Fokkinga

NL19-1185114 ** THE BEST ** is a topper from ALL IN ONE, topbreeder at Comb. Fokkinga paired to a halfsister of ESMEE and granddaughter of NEW HARRY !!

Item condition: Nieuw


NL19-1185114 ** THE BEST **


Comb. Fokkinga introduce THE BEST on our Pigeoncom YouTube Channel


Sire: NL15-1143953 ** ALL IN ONE ** direct Pieter Veenstra

** ALL IN ONE ** is a grandson to four famous breeders and super flyers DA VINCI, SPECIAL BLUE, MR.BLUE, DOLCE VITA !!

ALL IN ONE is father to:

7 Morlincourt 1.525

21 NPO Morlincourt 7.577

12 Quievrain 2.625

51 Prov Quievrain 13.249

14 Heusden-Zolder 1.916

51 Prov Heusden-Zolder 14.721

DA VINCI is the winner of:

1 NPO Ablis 7.94

2 Menen 16.753

SPECIAL BLUE is a super breedinghen and mother to DOLCE VITA

MR. BLUE is the:

1 National Ace Cock WHZB

3 National Ace Cock WHZB


DOLCE VITA is the winner of:

6x 1st prizes

1 Int Ace LD WENC Dortmund ’10

1 Nat Ace LD W.H.Z.B ‘10

1 Nat Ace LD NPO ’10




Dam: NL17-1561771 ** HALFSISTER ESMEE **

** HALFSISTER ESMEE ** is a super exclusive breedinghen from SEIKO (father ESMEE, 1 Nat Ace ’14 WHZB & TBOTB, 2 Nat Ace L.D. NPO ’14, Olympiad pigeon Budapest ’15) x DAUGHTER NEW HARRY, the phenomenal new topper from Jan Hooymans!!

SEIKO comes from ROLEX, 1.National Ace WHZB 2009 paired to grdaughter MR. BLUE.

MR. BLUE is the:

1 National Ace Cock WHZB

3 National Ace Cock WHZB


DAUGHTER NEW HARRY is a super exclusive daughter to NEW HARRY x SISTER HARRY !

NEW HARRY is the winner of:

1 Niergnies 14.737

1 Pt St Maxcence 12.894

1 Melun 1.046

9 Troyes 6.390

38 Blois 6.638









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